Physics simulation accuracy between two different types of 2D colliders

Recently, I find there’s a gap bitween two 2D rigid bodies.

There is a gap bitween two colliders. Both of them are rigidBody2d with a collider2D. However, one is circle collider and another is polygon collider.

So there might be a accuracy problem bitween two differen types of collider. Plus the problem disappears when it comes to the same type of collider2D, say, two circle collider will perfectly detect each other and there won’t be a gap bitween them…
How can I fix it?

It’s a problem about collide event between different type of colliders. From what I know, unity can not detect the collide Event if any of the collide is meshcollider(like the polygon collider you just said), have you considered to replace the polygon collider with a box or circle collider? Or maybe you draw your situation then maybe we can figured out a better way to fix it.