physics2d CircleCastAll, how does it work?

hey im trying to make a grenade in my 2d platformer game, and i just want to know how i do the physics2d circlecastall correctly, on the documentation it says something with Raycasthit2D, but where do i declare the array? this is my code so far

    public Transform pointOfCircle;
	public float radius = 0.5f;
	public LayerMask whatIsDestroyable;

	void Update()
		if(Physics2D.CircleCastAll(pointOfCircle.position, radius, new Vector2(1,1), 3f, whatIsDestroyable))

and no this isnt a “do my code question” i just want to know how i should do this, as im new to the physics2D coding

Make a new RaycastHit2D variable.

make this equal to your RaycastAll as it returns an array. It doesn’t return a bool so it won’t work in an if statement.