PhysicsLab, Apex? Where are the unity 4 features?

So I read here

About all these amazing new features in unity 4 and I haven’t seen ANY of them except directx 11 and mecanim.

It even says in the PDF file that we can use apex, it says “we just import it and it works” I just tried that, It doesn’t work.

Are we going to get any information at all on this? Im starting to get pretty frustrated at all these amazing new features that we cant get any access to at all or any information on at all. I would really like apex destruction.

We have Physx and You guys have obviously imported APEX into unity.

Yet we still cant use it? what is the deal??

Note that this presentation is about Butterfly demo, not about Unity 4.

We experimented and built a lot of functionality for the Butterfly demo, as @JasonB said. Of course a lot of them we’re not production quality - the main goal was to push the boundaries. Now we’re polishing and releasing some of these features in 4.x releases.