Pick image from android gallery

So this has been asked before but there was no answer except for go buy someones asset, which is unacceptable for me because I need to know how to do it.

I’m working entirely from c# using AndroidJavaClasses, AndroidJavaObjects and AndroidJavaProxies. My current code is below with my three failed solutions.

Anyone got any ideas??

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class ImagePicker : MonoBehaviour {

    class OnActivityResultCallback : AndroidJavaProxy {
        public Text textbox;

        public OnActivityResultCallback() : base("android.app.Activity") {

        protected void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, AndroidJavaObject intent) {
            textbox.text += "onActivityResult: " + requestCode;


    public Text textbox;

    public void RequestImageFromGallery() {

        AndroidJavaClass intentClass = new AndroidJavaClass("android.content.Intent");
        AndroidJavaObject intentObject = new AndroidJavaObject("android.content.Intent");

        intentObject.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("setAction", intentClass.GetStatic<string>("ACTION_GET_CONTENT"));
        intentObject.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("setType", "image/*");

        OnActivityResultCallback callback = new OnActivityResultCallback();
        callback.textbox = textbox;

        // Solution 1, use the Unity current activity, problem: no onActivityResult to return result to
        AndroidJavaClass unity = new AndroidJavaClass("com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer");
        AndroidJavaObject UnityActivity = unity.GetStatic<AndroidJavaObject>("currentActivity");
        UnityActivity.Call("startActivityForResult", intentObject, 1);

        // Solution 2, use a AndroidJavaProxy with onActivityResult implemented, problem: there is no activity instance in a proxy and so gives an error about application threads being null
        callback.Invoke("startActivityForResult", new object[] { intentObject, 1 });

        // Solution 3, use java reflection from c# to call the startActivityForResult method with the callback as the "this" object, problem: I get an error when trying to get the getMethod method and I'm not sure it'll work anyway
        // class intClass = java.lang.Integer.class; (ish)
        AndroidJavaClass intClass = new AndroidJavaClass("java.lang.Integer");
        // java.lang.Class jclass = obj.getClass();
        // java.lang.reflect.Method method = jclass.getMethod(methodName, param1.class, param2.class, ..);
        AndroidJavaClass jclass = UnityActivity.Call<AndroidJavaClass>("getClass");
        AndroidJavaObject method = jclass.Call<AndroidJavaObject>("getMethod", "startActivityForResult", intentClass, intClass);
        // method.invoke(obj, arg1, arg2,...);
        method.Call("invoke", callback, intentObject, 1);



This link might help you.
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