Pie graph with more than 2 different variables?

Hello, I’m trying to create a pie graph, with 3 different variables. I’m having a hard time figuring out how i would go about and do that. I’m trying to get it to work by lets say we have 3 variables, and all their values are 50. Then the circle in total would have 150, which then makes each part of the pie 33,3%. But what I want to do, let’s say i add another 50 to just one of the variables, then in total i would have 200, but two variables only make up for 25% but the last variable makes up 50% of the circle. Is it possible to even create it?
Edit: I’m not asking how to turn the numbers in to percents. But what technique I can use for drawing a Pie graph with more than just 2 different wedges.

If I understand you correctly, you just want to draw a 3-wedge pie graph. If you have Pro, look into using the GL glass. Otherwise, you may need to construct wedge meshes on-the-fly. If you’re values are fairly quantized (like in increments of 10) you could pre-render them and then just pull up the image of the corresponding chart, but I wouldn’t want to go down that path.

Look in the Scripting Reference at the Mesh class. You’ll probably want to use high-school trig to figure out the pie vertices.

Sounds not an easy problem. I am recently also during some studies on the UI chart component, which has the UI pie graph inside, it sounds convenient in using, it would be quite fine if it can be applied in Unity.