PINBALL: Ball colliding problems

Before you read, here is a video about my problem:


The video shows from the top, but this is a 3d game.

The ball sometimes collide with the walls, sometimes not, and sometimes it goes into the flippers or other object, as you can see in the video at 0:08 or 0:14. The half of the ball is in the floor as well, so it doesn’t roll at the top of it.

  • The blue walls and the flippers have mesh colliders.
  • The ball has sphere collider.
  • The floor has box collider.
  • The ball and the flippers have rigidbody attached, set up: Interpolate, and continous dynamic detection.
  • Time setup is: fixed timestep= 0,01; max= 0,33; time scale=1 .

Thanks for yous helps!!!

(Sorry for language problems.)

I set "min penetration for penality2 to zero. this solved my problem. :slight_smile: