pinball flipper using Hinge spring not strong enough

I’m trying to make a pinball game. I modeled a flipper with mass 1 and gave it a vertical hinge joint, then attached a script to set the sprint target to a different angle when I press a key, and it works, moving to that position when I press it and then returning when I release, however when I added a ball (mass 0.08) rolling down the table at it, when I hit the ball with the flipper it barely goes anywhere, even when I set the spring strength to stupidly large values like 1e+20, and in fact any number greater than 1e+7 doesn’t seem to have any visible affect.

increase the mass of the flipper?

What if you make the ball and flipper bouncy?
You can also eliminate drag.

See the video to see how to make it bouncy.


You can make it a bouncy material to give it a better push on the ball! but you can also try it other ways… add more mass to flipper for example
try usin in the script a simple “transform.rotation” to the flipper im guessing it will work fine without a rigidbody but if you add it make shure the mass is considerable because of momentum conservation mass1Velocity1=mass2velocity2.