Pink color in baked light map problem.

I have searched for hours over this issue on unity forums, unity answers and reddit. But I could not find a solution.

I am using baked lighting for my mobile game. When lighting is baked, there is a pinkish color all over the maps. I am using low scales of all the elements in a lightmap (from 0.05 to 0.1) and it is all fine in terms of lighting details. But the only problem I am facing is light pink color in lightmaps. I have attached the image. also I am attaching the lighting settings in the comments I am using. This does not seem an artifact or leakage to me because it is all over the scene and secondly, when i use brighter color e.g. white or increase light intensity, this pinkish color reduces but that makes my lighting bad. I don’t know what is causing the problem and how to solve it. Any suggestions? Thanks.

possibly there may be gamma output is high…

can try change player setting color to linear instead of gamma

I tried many many things, nearly changing all lighting settings so what ultimately worked for me is here.
I was having Ambient Color as 878787 which a bit greyish type color and I was having indirect intensity in Light Mapping settings as 4 to achieve brighter lighting. I changed the Ambient color to white and it increased my brightness even a lot (unaccepted to me) and but the pink color problem was 90% reduced. To solve brightness issue I changed my lighting setting back to 1 and it solved.