Pink Material When loading addressable

We are currently facing an issue with addressable being pink when Instantiating them or When loading addressable scene. We get this error when run in Xcode:
Non shader graph shader ‘Universal Render Pipeline/Lit’ not supported or MaterialX encoding missing

I have already created a bug report with example for this:

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are your addressable assets using a custom shader or a standard (URP/Lit, URP/Unlit) one?

Addressable support is still being worked on and isn’t fully supported yet.


In the example I have provided in bug report I am using standard URP/Lit (in the actual project we will use custom Shader Graphs). Do you know if it is in immediate plan to fix this issue? It might impact our decision on whether or not to strip the functionality

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We spotted this early on and made a ResourceLoader wrapper that can go either through addressables or through the old, archaic Resources/ folder system. For vision OS, our build uses Addressable groups to restructure the project resources into Resources/ folders, and uses Resources.Load to load the assets instead of via asset bundles. I’t pretty ham-fisted but seems to work ok