Pink wall of Death

I apologize in advance for lack of scene information but I'm unsure of what info you guys might need to help me.

I'm running Unity 3 on an HP Elite with 8Gb ram, 6 cores and a Radeon HD 5570.

I built a basic two room level(Just the architecture, no players or anything else). Everything was fine when I played the level multiple times until one time a jagged wall of pink began to grow from the corner of one room. It would encompass the whole room until I walked away, then it got better. When I turned around, it was there again. When I start the level, I can sit and stare at the corner and about 8-9 seconds into it, the pink wall pops through. Any ideas what could cause this?

Thanks in advance.

When Unity fails to render a shader, because it had compiler errors, or the graphics card can not handle it for example, it will render the shader in bright pink so that you are made aware of the problem. What shader are you using? Are you seeing any error messages in the console when reimporting the shader?