Pipe Game ... I have to trace water from source to destination

I have to make a pipe water game .

Like this one http://www.39games.com/arcade-games/the-pipe-game

But the problem is how do i detect when the water has successfully reached the destination… if colliders then what logic to implement ? Should i make an object that goes through the pipes ?

Well I can tell you how the game you linked works. It basically splits the entire scene into a 2D grid of squares. The water then travels linearly along this grid and changes direction based on which piece is in the square. So you would set a starting square and an ending square and then whenever you want you tell the water to “Go”. it would then travel along this grid according to what pieces it comes into contact with and if it ever makes it to the ending square, it has reached its destination and you win!

This isn’t the simplest thing ever but it is a good problem to work through. Hope this helps.

Hi Mawak!!!
I’m trying to the same thing like you do (i.e simulate water flow through pipes) with shader but I get an error whith water direction. Sometime, the shader goes through a bad direction.
Could you help me please?
Thank you!!!