Piper.unity - open, fast and high-quality TTS

piper.unity is a port of Piper text to speech library. It provides fast, local, and high-quality speech generation for multiple languages.

Powered by Sentis, it runs very fast and can generate speech from long text in 20-30 ms even on CPU. Feel free to use it in your projects:


Here is a quick test in English:

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Nice work! :slightly_smiling_face:How did you find using Sentis?

BTW, you might like to consider adding your implementation to Hugging Face using the library tag “Unity Sentis”. Then more people will potentially see it. You could link to your github page in the readme file.

Very impressive. I really like simple API and high performance across all devices without native dependencies like CUDA toolkit, TFLight, onnx-runtime, etc. I had some problems with other VITS onnx models, like mms-tts, but I didn’t look super-deep into it.

Thanks! I will look into that.

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