Pirate ship that you can board and control?

I would like to make a 3d game where you can take the role of a pirate and do piratey stuff, but I’m pretty new to unity and need help. I want to make a ship that you can board, which you can control as well as walk around on the ship and also fire cannons. I have a basic player and a character controller already. Does anyone else have a tutorial I can use, or maybe just help me understand the code aspects of that?

Hey @severedmars8192 and anyone who finds this later I know I’m like 2 years late but I am currently working on a game like that, even though I am having trouble with the character controller I have a full ship controller in place.
What I did was for the player to move around on the ship check if he is “Grounded” on the ship and then use transform.parent = ship.transform and parent him to the ship to allow him to move with the ships speed and use transform.parent = null to un-parent him.

to make the ship controllable I used a trigger at the weel when the player presses E and they are in the trigger they will go into a “steering mode” and the ship controls take over. I used a separate script for the ship controls.