Piston Mechanic/Push Can't Figure Out. Core mechanic so help,Piston/Push Mechanic Script

So I am working on a game with a fairly simple mechanic, the character can’t move, so its sort of like a puzzle platformer where it uses pistons and other mechanics to traverse the levels. Primarily pistons. Problem is, I can’t figure out a script. I have no experience and normally I would look at tutorials, but none seems to help! I am trying to get “Piston” to push and push “Blobbo” if within range (via click). It isn’t working out, and due to it being the core mechanic, it is substantial to the game. Hopefully, someone helps me out. Thanks!,So, I am making a game, no experience just starting out. My game is based around a piston mechanic, the character can’t move, so it requires pistons (primarily) and other mechanics for it to traverse levels and beat bosses. Even after a couple of hours of playing with C# and looking up tutorials, no solution can be found. I am trying to when “Piston” is clicked on, it will push “Blobbo” a bit. I really need help, as this is the core mechanic of my game. If anyone can help, it will be greatly appreciated!

Just saying, something weird happened with my computer, and I thought I had to retype it and this happened, sorry.