Pivot changes when fbx is imported.

Hi there,
When i import the fbx file to unity, the object’s pivot is in the corner of the object.
when i import the same fbx into blender, the object’s pivot is in the centre…
This is not an issue of pressing Z in unity…

When i import the fbx in blender and when i just export it back,
after the fbx file is updated in unity, the pivot changes to what it looks like in blender


It’s a problem with blender. It can not import FBX files origin points succesfully if you are importing FBX that was exported from another application. If you have parent/child relationship in the model, everything might get messed up even worse.
Same applies to OBJ and any other format. I couldn’t find any working format to move a file from 3ds Max to Blender. Origin points are always lost.