Pivot not changing sprite location via animator

I can change the location of the sprite by adjusting pivot in the inspector, but when trying to manipulate via animator, the box and center/pivot move but the sprite remains stationary. Anyone know why?,I can change the pivot in the inspector, and watch the sprite change locations, however if I alter the pivot location via the animator, the object moves (the box along with the center/pivot point) but the sprite stays in the same location. Anyone know why?

dont move the pivot instead move the transform

Is there a good way to do that with the animator in relative locations? I’m working in 2D and just want a simple hover animation. I’ll probably just code it in. XD

EDIT: Coding is better for sure. I’m animating a group of objects based on a bool in shared script stuck on the prefabs. Allows for the normal idle anim to play alongside the hover. :confused:
It’s interesting that you can control your own variables in script using the animator. If you could assign + and - relative values in the animator, you could get away with some really interesting things without having to do much coding. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the reply.