Pivot point not moving on drag

I'm trying to move the pivot point of a UI object. The point does not move.


Could be the same problem I had; it turned out I couldn't move the pivot because I had "Center" active instead of "Pivot" in the top bar in Unity (next to the move, rotate scale tools).

When center is active, the indicator for the pivot will instead indicate the objects center, exactly as for ordinary gameobjects.


Thx for that tipp!

Thank you very much @Mistale ! :)

@Mistale Thanks Mate, I've been fighting this issue for 2 days trying to find an answer, +1 to you

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@Mistale thanks, you saved my sanity :)

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@Mistale , thank you!


Thank you everyone! It's nice to know that I could be of assistance, but at the same time it's too bad that so many people are experiencing the same issue.

I hope that Unity will improve their documentation or consider changing the functionality in the future to avoid confusion.

Thank you so much!!!

@Mistale Oh thank you...

Exactly the same problem! Thank you very much!

thank you, solved my problem

Thank you very much!

Thanks a lot, there definitely should be a change in UI when we switch from pivot to center.

Thank you, @Mistale !

Just learning Unity with the pluralsight courses and had the same problem. Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the tip

What a lifesaver!!! Thank you!

I couldn't find the option to change it to pivoit