Pivoting objects...

Hello. I have six triangle shaped objects that are arranged like this. At the center of the hexagon is another object (just a blank one). How can I pivot the triangles around the center object (so that it looks like the hexagon was one object that was just rotated 60 degrees) without doing any parenting?

This is crazy, but if you show me more of your project i try to help you, my first thought is , on each object(your triangles) you attach a script finding the inner tip(vector) of the triangle (phytagoras/Cosinus term) if you dont know that vector yet, the best would be if you use a 3d software where you can set a pivot point save it along with the object so you dont have to calculate it ingame .After that you rotate the that point(the pivot) around the axis you want.Look this function , it can aid in that situation http://unity3d.com/support/documentation/ScriptReference/Vector3.RotateTowards.html

its not impossible