Pixel image has colour "Leak" when in Unity

I have a map I have imported that I am using as a colormap where I will be using it to grab the Hex Colour which will be used to locate the relevant gameobjects. Naturally, having the colour consistent is very important so it needs to be Pixel perfect.

I am using Photoshop and I am saving it out correctly and looks fine once I have saved it. However when I import it into Unity, even though I have the relevant settings set correct it has some weird corrupted looking colouring on the edges between two different colours.

The image isn’t blurry, but the colours seem to have some weird leaking on the edges between two different colours. I have attached two images below

The solution I cam up with in the end was to save the files as a .tif from Photoshop and import the .tif into Unity rather than using any of the other file types.
This seemed to work out quite well and is near perfect in detecting the correct colours. No colour leaking whatsoever.