Pixel Perfect Camera Doesn't Make Sense

I simply do not understand this camera function, What on earth is a reference resolution? is that what the game is being played at? Like for example 1920x1080? I keep seeing everywhere that it’s “the resolution your assets were designed for” but that means nothing to me, I didn’t design them specifically for any resolution, I literally just sat down and drew a 16x16 image. Was I supposed to be thinking about resolution? It’s just an image and I want it to stop looking blurry in the damn game. I’ve followed every guide, video, or blog post and nothing makes any sense. Everything just looks blurry as a result, or its too zoomed out, or too zoomed in. I simple cannot figure out this thing. I know my reference resolution or whatever needs to be divisble by my PPU, and it literally is, yet it still looks garbage. I’m honestly pretty fed up with Unity’s entire rendering system at this point, Everything just feels lifeless, grey, and then this happens. What am I doing wrong here?

You can change the Filter Mode in Spite’s Import Setting to Point
Change Compression to None.

Then add 2D Pixel Perfect resource pack, import Pixel Perfect Camera on MainCamera.

You can set the following parameters, of course it depends on your game: