Pixel Perfect Text

Hi, I have a 2D game in the works. Entirely sprite based. There is a cockpit style control with many nobs and buttons that the player can interact with by clicking on them. Thats all fine, however, I want to add small text labels on and near the buttons and switches. So far I’ve been adding the text straight on the PNG file (which i’m making in adobe illustrator)

The problem is: All the sprites come out a little fuzzy, which isn’t a big problem, except when it comes to text. I want the text to be pixel perfect but i can’t make it happen. The control panel is off on a second camera and becomes visible by turning that camera on and off.

I tried using GUI text to get the text to show up, but that was a nightmare - especially with a second camera.

Is there a way to create simple text objects that I can move around and place in the Scene View? I read a post about making the camera a specific size based on the sprite size but I couldn’t get that working. The control panel has many many sprites of different sizes.

Any ideas??

Thanks so much


You can create 3d text. This is text that you can move around in the scene as if it were an object. One problem with it is it starts out blurry. Just Increase the font size by a lot, then scale the 3dtext down until its the right size.