Pixel Perfect Textures: Can it be done in Unity?

Everything I've done with Unity so far has come out with that "3D camera" look, and, depending on the anti-aliasing effects/strength, heavily affected by that.

Is there anyway to get Pixel perfect textures on 2D objects in front of the camera?

If so, does it work on all platforms?

If you're wondering why I'm asking, I've got a texture on a 2D object, perp to the camera that's got very fine parallel lines on it. It's currently creating Moire patterns in Unity that I really don't want. I just want it to look exactly as it looks in photoshop, in Unity. 1 to 1 pixel perfect.

  1. Make sure you are using adequate texture settings.
  2. Then you probably should consider how your 2d objects are rendered. Is it a 3d plane "simulating 2d"? Is it a GUITexture? Is it a GUI call? Out of these, GUI calls are probably easiest to work with, depending on your needs.

Also you should make sure that your texture Wrap mode is set to Clamp, if the rest of the object really covers up a perfect perpendicular angle to the camera, using up exactly the same size in pixels.

Another thing you can try if you want allow to "enlarge" the image without smearing it out, you can set Filter mode to Point.

yes you can. make sure you set:

Filter to Point (avoids filtering)

Max Texture Size to at least the size of your texture (avoids size reduction)

Texture Format to True Color (avoids compression)

...and that will do it!