Pixelated Censorship Effect

What I have:
A CCTV system involving multiple camera objects which register with a single camera controller which coordinates with a tv controller to render the camera to the correct Render Texture.

I am looking for ways to achieve a pixelated censor effect for certain game objects viewed through these cameras.

Ideally this effect would resemble a gaussian blur/noise effect applied to all rays that originate from the Game Object. The effect should be dynamic and take account of the lighting.

As far as I can make out there are three main approaches:

  1. Sprite/render the effect as a game object.
  2. Mask + multiple render textures + object tracking
  3. Shader/image effect.

How would you create this effect?

High level suggestions are welcome.

After a quick google, this discussion came up and seems to have working solutions:


as well as this github project: