Pixelated shadows after a certain camera angle

I’m using Close Fit as the Shadow Projection mode in the Quality settings. What I expect to happen when I choose this mode is the objects having lower resolution shadows as they move further away from the camera. However, what happens is that the position of my objects have no effect on the quality of their shadows. Instead, changing the camera angle determines the quality of the shadows. Also, I’m using a directional light in my scene.

This video is a brief demonstration of this behavior.

As this has no reply and I just wasted 2 hours solving this. I figure it’s worth it to answer.
This is caused by the gigantic plane that the objects are placed upon.
You are using real-time shadows. When you tilt the camera backward much more space in the real-time shadow texture is taken up by “nothing”. Forcing unity to decrease the number of pixels it can reserve for objects up close.
To fix this issue the easiest way is to decrease the Shadow Distance in the Quality Settings.