Place block script ? help please :)

Im making a game like minecraft but i dont know how to make a script so i can put blocks on right click and remove them on left click. I would appreciate some help :slight_smile:

The only help we can give you on a question this broad is the obvious.

First of all, use the search function, as I can remember this being asked and answered on at least three previous occasions.

Secondly, if you don’t want to actually learn how to program, don’t ask for code. It won’t help you one bit, as you won’t be able to tailor it to your needs and you’ll get nowhere.

Thirdly, if you decide you want to learn how to do this, show us you’ve put in some effort. Don’t try a broad question like this, split it up into 5 smaller tasks, try to tackle each one on your own, use search on the ones you’re having trouble with, and if you’re still stuck ask for help.

Good luck!