Place Object in AR when user touches screen

I am working with Unity and Vuforia.

I need to place an object when user touches the screen. Taking a picture and location info of the place they touch for the object to appear. (allowing user to move the object if it doesn’t appear exactly where they expect)

I have the AR camera running and can view object that have an image associated (learned from demo videos), but how do I make that object appear on touch and anchor to that location?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I could not fully decode your question. If you want to place an object in 3d space, when you detect an image target, you could do the following.

  1. Add an image target and put a cube (or any empty object) as it’s child.
  2. When you want to create the object (when the Image target is found), save the transform component of the cube to a local variable.
  3. Instantiate the appropriate object using the prefab and apply the saved transform values to it.
  4. Now it can be moved or rotated with user events such as touch or drag.

Hope it helps. Feel free to prove me wrong :slight_smile: