Placement of AR objects in their real world coordinates

I am currently in the process of developing an AR app for object placement.

However, I have encountered an issue while using MapBox, GeoSpatial, and ArcGIS SDKs.

The objects are not being placed precisely in their intended location, even though they are aligned correctly with one another. I have observed that the objects appear to drift in the same direction, leading me to believe that there may be an event or script that is affecting their rotation.

Despite this, I have confirmed that the parent object transform rotation remains at 0,0,0,0.

In an effort to resolve this issue, I have attempted to align my device to face North and activate the AR session prior to placing my objects. While this method has been successful on occasion, the objects still drift by more than 40 degrees approximately 99% of the time.

I am seeking a solution to accurately place my AR objects in their corresponding real-world coordinates (latitude and longitude).

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or solutions that may be offered by the Unity Community.

Thank you in advance.