Places to get assets

Does anyone know of a website where I can download free 3D models, music, and such? I can program, but I don't do very well when it comes to modeling and composing. When I work with a team this isn't a problem, but when I work alone it's insanely frustrating. Any help?

I have a modeler, but before, I went Here or Here

Also, you can get really good sound effects and music Here

-Good Luck!

Hello, there are a ton of websites to get assets like the asset store in unity. To get music I really reccomend newgrounds, theyre exellent musicians and developers and they share their music.

Some of the sites above offer some free content, but most are not free.

I caution you against downloading content without understanding exactly what the source is and your rights. There are many free sites that allow anyone to post models there. The posters do not necessarily have the right to post the models.

Also, even paid for sites can be suspect. Go to any one of the commercial sites listed, and do a search for superhero names from Marvel or DC or Pixar characters. If you get any results, then you have an untrustworthy site that doesn’t know whats being sold on it.