Placing a GameObject on top of another GameObject.

Hey everyone,

I’m making a turn based game, similar to Final Fantasy 7, and I want to place a 3D GameObject (not related to GUI) on top of a different GameObject much like in Final Fantasy 7.

Here’s an illustration to help:

From what I’ve been searching so far, I understand that using the renderer.bounds functions is probably the best way to go, but I’m having trouble getting the centered top!

Thank you very much in advance.

public GameObject floatyThing;
bool flashyThing = false;
float offset = 1f;
GameObject floaty;

	void Start()
		floaty = Instantiate(floatyThing,transform.position+new Vector3(0,offset,0),Quaternion.identity) as GameObject;

change the value of offset to move the thingy up and down, and change flashyThing to turn it on and off.