Placing GameObjects on the edge of a sphere based on angle.

In my situation I have a player that sits in the center of a game world, but never moves. Instead objects are placed around him in 360 degrees. This should be completely spherical.

I have no idea where to even start with this, I already have the math done to get the angle that I need, but how would I create a radius from a GameObject and then position objects on the edge of that radius based on an angle?

for example.

alt text

I’m still any beginner trying to find efficient ways to do things.
You could try placing objects the correct distance straight up and then rotating it to the correct angle using


Just a shot at dark

Have you tried this?
Should work if the player sits in the world origin (0,0,0)

Edit: Also for 3d space: Convert vector from Cartesian components to spherical representation - MATLAB cart2sphvec - MathWorks Deutschland