Placing picked up items in front of the player

Hi, I am currently trying to place the picked-up coins in front of the player in a 3D prototype. What I am trying to do is when the player collides with the items, I want the items to stack in front of the player. The player is moving forward at a constant speed and I am also trying to make the picked-up items move with the player while being in front of the player.

Does anyone have any idea how to do that?

Thanks in advance.

The phrasing is not really that clear , but ill go ahead and assume that you want the play to pick up a coin then you want the coin to stay in a fixed position in front of the player even when they move.
In that case , whenever you collect the coin try calling a method that looks something like this

private void OnCoinCollected(GameObject coin , Transfrom playerTransform , float distance)
    // set the coin as a child object of the player
    coin.transfrom.SetParent(playerTransform , false);

    // set the coin's position , in this case it will be : playerPosition + (padding distance in front of the player)
    coin.transform.position = playerTransform.position + (playerTransform.foward * distance);