Placing scene object in inspector as a varable and load with button in game

Hello I am a noob, I am trying to load a scene by setting the scene as a variable, with the idea of simply changing the object from the inspector. Here’s what i’m doing.

using UnityEngine;

using UnityEngine.SceneManagement;

public class LoadScene : MonoBehaviour

public Object nextScene;

public void LoadSceneSelect()


(SelectLevel is another scene that I am using to load different levels of the game)
not sure what i am doing wrong, or if this is even possible and i schould just load it by using the name or index.
thank you.

I managed to fix it here’s what my friend @voidUpdat suggested

public string nextScene;
public void LoadSceneSelect()


instead of using the script i am using the button on the OnClick. and then writing the name of the scene in the intring variable which makes loading different sences more easily.