Placing text in worldspace GUI - possible to avoid pixelation?

Hello, I’m trying to place a label /tag over a 3D object using the new GUI system.

I adjusted my UI text element to be a child of 3D object and and parented it to 3d object, so far so good.

Now, when the camera comes close to the element, the text is pixelated / blured.

Is the a way to avoid this?


It could be considered cheating, but when it comes to the new UI, I am a fan of increasing the font size by some arbitrary amount, and I then decreasing the X and Y scale amounts of the Rect Transform.

For example, I work on mobile so I know if I want the text to be about 30 pixels. I set the font size at 90, then go up to the Rect Transform component and set the X and Y scale to 33. The result is “crisper” lines in the fonts.
The other fields in the Rect component may need some tweaking, but the results of the scaling are predictable.

I’d enclose a picture or link but I’m just on my phone at the moment. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure the increase in font size causes unity to use more data to draw the font, which in turn will cause sharper edges when your camera happens to get close to your Text. In addition to the earlier answer of increasing the “DPU” of the canvas.

Hope I was able to help! Best of luck on your endeavor!

I’m not sure if this is the correct way, as it then seems to make it so that your text is too sharp when you zoom back out. (currently trying to find a solution).

In the canvas that your text is in, increase the ‘Dynamic Pixels per Unit’ of the Cancas Scaler component value.