Placing two models side by side without problems

Hi, I am creating a map of 3D tiles. Basically each tile instead of being a 2d texture is instead a squished "cube". Like this:

alt text

However when I look at it in the world, sometimes there is artifacts where the two models meet:

alt text

Is there any way of solving this? I will have a map of 10x10 of these tiles, and even though my camera will be locked to "top" view, I don't want to experience these artifacts.

Try to increase the near clip plane or decrease the far clip plane on your camera (potentially a lot).

If that makes it better, then the artifacts are related to the limited z buffer precision. In that case, using the higher near clip plane / lower far clip plane is the best solution. If that is for some reason not possible for you (because the camera needs to be able to see things very far away or very close) then the only option to get rid of the artifacts is probably to make new geometry that doesn't have the inner surfaces.

If changing the clip planes doesn't make any difference, then most likely the precision error is on your end - either one of the boxes is slightly rotated or something, or one of the vertex positions of the mesh is slightly off.

When I made a tiled board, I used planes instead of cubes and put the texture2D on to the planes. I don't know if that is possible for you but I did not have an artifact problem.

The problem is due to floating-point imprecision. The GPU doesn't know whether to write a pixel for the top of the thing or the side of it. However, this ambiguity will never exist from a top-down view, so you should be okay.

That said, I don't believe anyone has a solution to this problem, yet. I see it all the time in last-gen AAA games that don't use antialiasing. The only way to really avoid seeing through surfaces is to have them intersect.

I'm doing something very similar in my game, and have the same issue.

My plan to address the issue is to leave it alone and deal with the artifacts during prototyping, and then during my spit-and-polish phase create a single, seamless model in blender to replace all of these placeholder tiles.