Plain calculating operations? :o

i need some help with this, since it's not working =)

var speed_step1 = int.Parse(einlesewerte.vehicle_speed);

var speed_step2 = (speed_step1 / 300) * 180;


if i rotate the object WITHOUT trying to do the math stuff on the variable it works fine :/

;) integer division problem... int / int == int.


var speed_step2 = (speed_step1 / 300.0) * 180.0;

If that doesn't work do that in addition:

var speed_step1 : float = int.Parse(einlesewerte.vehicle_speed);

it looks like speed_step1 is an int and speed_step2 is an int/int * int, so it is an int as well. try changing the 300 to 300.0