Plane Character Collider

I want to create a air battle game . But the character controller’s collider is a capsule .

Because its collider is a capsule , the plane can’t collide properly .

For example , now it collide a cube , but plane’s nose insert into the cube .

And the missile collided the plane but it didn’t touch the plane actually .

So , how to modify the character controller’s collider ?

You can’t modify the orientation of the character collider, but rolling your own controller is the least of the work that you’d have to do to make a game.

If you were to go this route, it would be advisable to create your controller in two parts; an InputController script and a Locomotor script. This way you can process all of your game’s input in the InputController and pass relevant inputs to your Locomotor where inputs that trigger other events will be sent to the appropriate scripts instead. The default Unity stuff really isn’t that great, and if you’re doing mobile then it is really too expensive for what it does.

But if you want to use the Standard Assets Character Controller then you might be able to modify the script so that forward is up, etc, and rotate the entire thing 90 degrees on the Z axis.