Plane disappear in front of a camera


I’ve Unity free and i can not use the Effects to apply to a camera. So i’ve decided to do it BY HAND. De effect is a Grain noise TV. Like a security camera. I’ve a Main camera, and a second camera which only shows the HUD in 3D Over the main camera. The third camera i’m trying to use, is a Helmet one. That shows the vision near a First person view. So i attach a camera to the helmet of the Player character, and a plane with a custom shader with transparency and moving uv’s. On the idle animation of the player, all work fine and the camera and the plane follow the movements of the head. But when i start walking, the plane disappear until i stop and return tothe idle animation.

Any idea about this behavoir?


I’d wager that your plane is moving into the near-clip plane of the camera. Anything that is not within the camera’s viewable frustum is clipped away (not rendered).

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