Plane with single wobble point (joint at center)?

If I have just a plane and I want to make its center a point of wobble how would I do this? What I mean is that it’s joint pivot is at the center but it will rotate in whatever direction where mass is greatest.

If you mean, you want it to automatically wobble when things fall/move on it, then use the joints – they are part of the physics engine.

Create a fake invisible base – an empty with a rigidbody set to isKinematic. Put it somewhere below the plane. Add an RB and a joint to your plane. A configurable one works best (a character joint is more for a knee, but you could make that work, also.) Drag the empty “base” to the Connected slot on your plane. You should be able to run the game and see the plane bobble around if you put some RBody’s on it.

For a charJoint, adjust the primary and secondary axis (for example, tipping on x and z, instead of spinning on y.) For a config joint, this worked fine for me:

Set x/z Angular (not motion) to Limited. Set AngularZLimit:0, Spring:20, Damper:5. The 0 limit combined with Spring not 0 says it wants to always get back to being level. Drop some stuff and see. Do the same for x (my x has a Low and High setting, but y and z don’t – not sure why.)

The plane probably should have a weight besides 1, but a high spring value sort of fakes it being heavy.

a “point of wobble” is called a pivot point. Place an empty game object where you want the pivot point to be then place the plane inside the empty game object. rotate the game object.