planet gravity

ive been makeing a game now and been having multiple problems with it being deleted and im about to just give up its been six days now and no luck i am trying to find a simple script to apply to a object that simulates planet gravity. just one script you click and drag over to the object you want and it pulls your character towards the planet. none of this six scripts that need to be applied like in the locomotion package in that i found that the bigger the planet you make the farther you have to focus the camera and it goes crazy it was sideways one time plz i need help ascp


is what you’re going to want to use to simulate explosion forces that attenuate with distance as well as vacuum forces that act the same but in reverse.

I am working on this at this moment and can be beta tested here


i will be submitting this to the Asset Store within the next couple of weeks.

you can find out more about what this system does at


hope this helps.