Planetary Atmospheric Scattering effect cutting out

Hi guys, I was hoping somebody might be able to help me resolve this issue I have been having for a few weeks now, its with the PAS effect from the asset store:

I recently upgraded PAS in my game to 1.3 and I am witnessing some strange behaviour which I didn't see previously. I use PAS from the perspective of a user rotating around planets, never from the planet surface. I made a video to demonstrate the issue:

When I move my camera's close to the planet, it cuts out PAS, almost like it's hitting a volume, but as you can see when I pull the camera back it seems to display correctly.

Any ideas?

Did you try e-mailing the asset's author?

Yes, I have sent multiple emails, but I'm not getting any response unfortunately.

Hello, the asset author did come back to me (was on vacation), and helped resolve this for me.

For anybody else with the same problem, you need to check your shadow settings! Even if you don't use the shadows feature of the plugin, you need to have the Shadows Distance of your project settings at a distance that will include your main camera!