Planetary perlin noise? My oceans are too patchy.


I’ve been working on a simple planet generator. I currently create a spherical mesh using a random radius for each vertex. This creates a very patchy looking planet as follows:

Ice Planet

I’m looking for a better algorithm of randomness. So I can have more ‘planet’ looking planets, or at least the option. I need bigger oceans, larger continents, basically just less patchy.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Try having a look at this white paper:
Generating Complex Procedural Terrains Using the GPU

Especially chapter 1.3.3 “Making an Interesting Density Function” and onward, where the Density Function is what you want to use as your “random depth” on your vertices. They explain everything very well and it should be no problem to use it just on the CPU.

try the module: massive with a seed: 131.5054 and check how it will look