Planets, Cubes-Spheres, Scripting and generating

Hi all
I am working with a small team of developers with a huge ambition. We have advanced a lot in the game which is almost in a pre alpha stage.

However we have always wanted the game to be situated on planets (travel between planets will be permitted in the game) but even with hours of research we have not been able to get a script or solid idea that we can use to create the planetary system (we have got gravity working however).
So we have come to the unity community for help.

We were able to find a few documents that looked promising but we were not able to convert this to a C# code that was reliable, worked, and was not CPU hungary. See link here.
I know that it can be done because of what i found Here and here.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I did not say something clear enough jut reply and i will fill you in with the new information.

Thanks in advance

I’m sure this is a rather poor suggestion and not what you want at all, but hey… :wink:

Performance fudge background with this:

Basic planetary system with this:

And then, from your own link (sort of) for $90 you get this (with source code): Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making