Planting a Bomb

Ok now i have a question on how to plant a bomb. I got my bomb picking up script, but now i need help with planting a bomb at a objective. Ok here is my script for picking up the bomb. private var Player : Bomb;

function OnTriggerEnter ( collision : Collision )
    Destroy (gameObject);
    if (Player)
        Player = GetComponent(Bomb) += 1;

Now i when my player comes up to the objective i want something to display, like to press a button. So for when i press the e button it will plant a bomb. In the spot. And someone can come to defuse it. I know this is 2 questions but you can only answer 1 if you want to. Thank you.

For the display, use GUI. You can add a trigger around the objective, and if player is in it, show it, if not, then don't.

Then for planting, if player pushes a button, then put bomb on thing.

For defuse, same thing, just bomb off thing.



And looks like you have the trigger =).