Plastic SCM not downloading assets


I'm having a challenge downloading a remote project I have on Plastic SCM

I have a version of my project uploaded on Plastic SCM, which I can see through the Web UI and seems to contain all the assets correctly (when viewed through Web UI).

However if I import this through Unity Hub (version 3.1.1) via the Open remote project option what is downloaded is pretty much an empty shell (in fact I suspect nothing is downloaded and Unity simply creates a new basic project - but don't know this for sure)

If I open the Plastic SCM Window (under Window) it doesn't recognise that I'm connected to the remote version of the project and if I try to login I can only create a new Workspace and it won't allow me to connect to the existing one (I just get a message that that workspace already exists)

Apologies if this already exists in a thread, I did have a look through and couldn't see anything quite like this. I'd really appreciate some support accessing my project. Thanks


Hi @BenS_UK , I'm sorry you're having issues downloading your Plastic workspace via the Hub. Normally, an empty shell project is created while the rest of your project is downloaded from the Plastic repo. But for some reason, it looks like the download didn't start for you. Very odd.

First, I would try deleting this workspace and trying again to download it via the Hub. If you get the same issue, then try the following. There's actually a way to connect to an existing workspace if the initial download fails to start, but it's a fairly janky process at the moment.

After opening your Plastic SCM window from the Window menu and you see that it just shows you're logged in, click on Create Workspace. Then, in the Repository Name field, enter the name of the repo you tried to pull. Make sure that the Repo and Workspace name match the project you're trying to connect to, with the repo name also having your "org@cloud" at the end. Once you've done that, hit Create Workspace. From there, you should see the Plastic SCM window with an empty Pending Changes tab. Then, close and reopen the Plastic SCM window. Now it should populate correctly and show that you have changes to pull in the Incoming Changes tab. From there, you should be able to pull the missing changes and resume working as expected.

Please let me know if either of those methods fails to work for you so that we can find out what's going on.

Thanks for replying so quickly @Ryan-Unity .

I followed the instructions for connecting from Unity through the SCM Plastic window and checked it had populated the org@cloud part of the repo (but not in the workspace - that's just the workspace name, which seemed logical!) When I hit the Create workspace button I got an error that said "The workspace myworkspace already exists" popping up below

I had already had a few goes at redownloading but had one last go and it did download some assets when opening this time - however it only downloaded a subset. I installed the SCM Cloud tool (from the cog in the Plastic SCM window) and looking in it the files are missing there but exist in the WebUI interface.

The other strange thing was that I had 66 Pending Changes, which are some of the missing files (the meta files generally) which it wouldn't allow me to undo and which didn't exist locally but did exist in the WebUI view of the repo!

SOLUTION: By hitting the Update workspace button in the "Plastic SCM - Workspace Explorer" that then populated the files and Unity then imported them. It appears that everything is now synched and running correctly. Hopefully this will be useful for others and I wanted to include the other information above in case it is useful for Unity / Plastic.

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Currently having this issue on Ubuntu 22.04, no assets are download, scenes are missing. However you cant install plastic cloud edition on Ubuntu 22.04, is there any fix for this?

So dont ask me how, but ive managed to get this working with 0 issues on Ubuntu 22.04.