Platform Specific Video

How do I deal with Video Platforms on older devices ?

My problem stems from the fact that a Samsung S4 can only Play HD (1920x1080) footage, and a S5 or S6 can play 2K (2048x1152) footage, but I don’t want to have someone download both, especially because the 2K folks don’t want 1K footage, and the 1K folks can’t use 2K Footage. So each platform has to have its own .obb but how do you deal with that in unity, or in the Google Play store, to make sure the right devices get the right assets ? I’ve seen solutions for .dll’s and that’s great but doesn’t apply here.

Im sorry but I don’t think thats possible with android.(yet)
The only thing you can do is set up a webserver and stream the video or let the 1k folks download the 2k stuff.