Platform strings used in SetPlatformTextureSettings()

I'm trying to make an Editor script that sets the platform specific texture settings. For that I need the strings of the platforms, but I can't find them anywhere.

textureImporter.SetPlatformTextureSettings("platform?", maxTextureSize, textureFormat);

Does anyone know them?


Here’s some code for the options I know (these are confirmed to work - see details below for “Default” which needs to be handled differently):

    private string[] platformOptions = new string[] {
#if UNITY_3_5
        , "FlashPlayer"
        // Not sure what the precise strings are for these:
        // Xbox 360
        // PS3
        // Wii

With “Default”, you have to directly use TextureImporter.maxTextureSize and TextureImporter.textureFormat.

I’ve also posted a documentation bug (Case 434144 - TextureImporter - Platform strings missing in API). It’s unfortunate they’re not using an Enumeration for this instead of strings.

iPhone Web Android (untested)

Would love to know how to get the "Default" TextureFormat value to work :)