PlatformerController vs Box Collider


I have a stack of box colliders/basic cubes(2x1x2) which the player with PlatformerController stands on top of. Each (one at a time, the one the player is currently ontop of) of the cubes slowly shrinks (using Lerp) to 1x0.5x1(half scale). However after a couple of cubes the player begins sinking into the cube and eventually falls right through the collider.

I've tried messing around with PlatformerController's gravity but nothing seems to work. Is there any way I can stop this happening?

The cubes have static checked if that helps. EDIT: I figured that was easy enough to test, turns out turning static off makes no difference.

EDIT 2: After more tests, I've found that it only happens when the blocks are shrinking on the global Y axis (block gets shorter). It does not happen when shrinking the X and Z axes.

"Static" is for objects that will not move or change. It sounds like you're resizing a static object, but I don't know for sure what kinds of problems this will cause.

Check here for info on what Static is for: