Play 2 Stand Alone Players At Same Time

Is it possible to play 2 versions of the stand alone player and have them communicate with each other for use on a dual monitor system?
I did try it on my Macs desk top and only one would play at any one time, but maybe there is a way around that, perhaps in a web player contained within a simple HTML web layout where all of the browser window interface has been removed. I had made such a web page layout years ago that removed all of the web browser interface and loaded to full windowless screen. Perhaps in a simple table layout two web players could be run together at the same time side by side and be able to communicate with each other?
Has anyone tried anything like that?

This might be possible but this is also an OS limitation. It is possible scaling the 1 window to 2 screens(possible on linux in windowed mode) and then adjust 2 cameras to draw on 2 seperate parts of the screen. Check this: Unity - Scripting API: Camera.rect