Play a ogg file in Unity3d says “Streaming of 'ogg' on this platform is not supported”

I’m using Unity3d 5.3.4f1 and I want to play a ogg file from a direct url. Target platform is Android.


My code:

public void PlayAnthem()
    WWW wwwAnthem = new WWW(AnthemURL);

    StartCoroutine (WaitForRequestplay (wwwAnthem));

//This works:
//      AudioAnthem.clip = Resources.Load ("Japan") as AudioClip;
//      AudioAnthem.Play ();


private IEnumerator WaitForRequestplay(WWW www){
    yield return www;

    AudioAnthem.clip = www.audioClip;



My error: Streaming of ‘ogg’ on this platform is not supported UnityEngine.WWW:get_audioClip()

Also, I tried UnityEngine.WWW:GetAudioClip(Boolean, Boolean, AudioType)

and I received the same error: Streaming of ‘ogg’ on this platform is not supported UnityEngine.WWW:GetAudioClip(Boolean, Boolean, AudioType)

How can I play a ogg file in my app? Do I have to download it before?

Thank you.

Use the overloaded GetAudioClip (bool threeD, bool stream) to stream the audio, instead of downloading the entire clip.Unity - Scripting API: WWW.audioClip