Play a video ingame by clickin on gameobject

All is in the title :slight_smile: I just search how to play an video when i click with the mouse on an gameobject and put it in pause when i re click on the same ( or other ) game object .

I’m very bad at scripting and here is where i am with the script ^^ :slight_smile:

var PlayButton : GameObject;

function OnMouseDown () {

Thanks for helping

Doesn’t work … On what i have to click to start the video ?

do you import your video clip in unity and assign it to material of the object?
do you know that u must use the Quicktime movie clips in unity3d? if not , u must convert it in .mov clip

On mousedown will work on the object the script is attached to. Did you attach the script to some object? Just asking because you said you are “very bad at scripting”…